MEN IN ITALY is a multimedia exhibition that took place in Milan between Jan 15-18 during Milan Men’s Fashion Week. The exhibition’s objective is to give voice to a new generation of creative people that – starting from Italy – are changing the image of fashion and men’s style in the world and explore their cultural context from an artistic point of view. ‘The style of the Italian men’’ was the main theme of the exhibition therefore all the participating artists in their showcased photographic and video works, interpreted their own idea of what he should look like.

The project has been thought and developed by a young professional team coming from publishing and fashion sectors that has united about twenty creative couples (stylists and photographers) having a strong men’s style vocation, with the object of thinking about the concept of contemporary men’s elegance.

A generation of artists and image experts united in an exhibition that has the taste of a spontaneous get together, just as it was in the original idea.

In order to embrace the new technologies to follow the media revolution Men in Italy’s team asked the new generation of creative people to engage themselves not only with the traditional mean of photography but also with more contemporary artistic expressions such as video and video-installations.

There is an interesting aspect in the majority of the works at this exhibition. More than few of the couples who participated, including Anna Dello Russo-Marco Braga, in their works had interpreted the men’s style on the border of androgenity. These interpretations of the fashion world’s most creative artists might give us some clues about the future of men’s fashion. The borders between the identities are becoming more obscure, and contemporary man is willing to be looked as well.

Besides giving an opportunity to the young emerging artists, MEN IN ITALY also creates a great promotion for the label ‘Made in Italy’. By investing in young people and in their innovative potential, Italy is enhancing its strength in the world fashion league.

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