Fashion industry as the image factory that it is, always tries to drive our attention to the desired brand image by employing symbols that would depict their uniqueness, individuality and authenticity. In the last few years fashion marketing experts, in more than one occasion, for their campaigns had decided to cast albino models as the perfect way to emphasize their distinctiveness.

For their Spring/Summer campaign Riccardo Tisci, the Creative Director of Givenchy, asked the Albino model Stephen Thompson to pose in front of the objectives of Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott.

In this visually superb photo shoot Thompson posed together with Daphne Groeneveld, the 15-year-old French Vogue’s cover girl.

In WWD Tisci explained that he’s long admired albino people, reflected in the pale flesh tones that are recurrent in his fashions. “They’re very near my world,” he enthused.

Lately Thompson took another turn in Ammo Magazine as David Bowie.

Photography by Bryan Taylor Johnson

Shaun Ross is another albino super model that totally astonishes the fashion world with his unique looks. He was the first African American albino to walk the runway during the Paris fashion week. This 20-years-old albino was spotted on MySpace by the New York model agency Djamee. They didn’t doubted much in Shaun’s success, and his début followed in February 2008 during NYC fashion Week at Tim Hamilton’s presentation.

Connie Chiu is a Chinese albino fashion model. Raised in Sweden, Chiu after going through art school for photography sent a photo to Jean Paul Gaultier and was asked to appear in one of his couture runway shows. Since then she has worked with various fashion photographers including Terry Richardson, Paul Burley, Heidi Niemala, and Morten Smidt, and appeared on the runways modeling designs by more then few designers including Margie Tsai, Ann Huybens, Marc Lebihan, Jean Paul Gaultier and Stella Cadante.

Chiu also starred in the music video for the single “Stalker” by Recoil, the solo project of Depeche Mode member Alan Wilder.

Diandra Forrest is also an African American with albinism.

Her looks are revelation. With her expressive grayish-green eyes and lips so naturally lush and full her beauty is a dream come true for every fashion photographer.

In one of her interviews Forrest said: “I’m a model, but I’m not a model just because I’m albino, … I have the look, the body and it’s just something that I’ve strived for, that I’ve always wanted to do.”

Is this albino trend another sign that the fashion world is welcoming diversity? If so let’s hope that it will last, and most importantly the presence of these models will change the average person’s perception of albinism and beauty.

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