A few days ago walking through Fuencarral Street in Madrid I couldn’t help but notice the colorful pop-art-like images hanging at the window in the store of Kiehl’s cosmetics. These pictures were made to resemble the works of the Pop-Art artist Lichtenstein and are a part of the Kiehl’s Açai Skincare collection campaign. Smart and Arty! I thought.

The blue-eyed blonde, among the other cartoon icons, is one of the new faces of Kiehl’s first organic skin care line Açai. I immediately fall in love with the idea that the people from Kiehl’s decided to ’…commission Pop Art-like image that depict the lines benefits and treat the product and açaí berries like cartoon heroes.’ And on the top of that how cool is that ‘…the Pop Art-inspired visuals are featuring stylized cartoon characters with conversation bubbles touting this new line’s benefits.’

The look of the visuals is super bright, bold, playful and decidedly different. This pop-art/cartoon-super-hero approach is one of the smartest art related ideas to differentiate from the other cosmetics that I’ve ever encountered with. Nice work.

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