How would celebrities look in the Renaissance?

Perhaps it is not the most imaginative and never-seen-before idea but the creative team of the website have created pretty catchy series of famous paintings with modern celebrities in the main roles. Most of them look pretty cool. Take a look!

Penélope Cruz

Orlando Bloom

Johnny Depp

Gillian Anderson

Robert De Niro

Hugh Laurie

Natalie Portman

Julia Roberts

Elijah Wood

Brittany Murphy

Nicolas Cage

Angelina Jolie

Robin Williams

Jennifer Aniston

Michael Jackson

Anne Hathaway

Uma Thurman

Sylvester Stallone

Jack Nicholson

Nicole Kidman

Mel Gibson

Drew Barrymore

Bruce Willis

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Harrison Ford

Jude Law

Lily Cole

Al Pacino

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