ASVOFF Shakes Up The Old Rules of Fashion

I don’t know what you think about it but I find most of the fashion shows quite boring. Of course, some creative designers make spectacular fashion shows but in the majority of them there are just male and female models walking up and down the catwalk which is somewhat old fashioned! Fortunately the wave of using motion media presentation of fashion collections is becoming more and more popular. In a way, Fashion Films are the successful intersection between fashion and motion pictures. Nowadays some far-sighted fashion brands are exploring this new media and have started to use it as a standard way of representation.

Designer, photographer, journalist and famous blogger, Diane Pernet anticipated this revolution and created a successful initiative  the Festival ASVOFFA Shaded View on Fashion Film.

ASVOFF shakes up the old rules of fashion by putting the focus on the moving image, in an industry long dominated by the “still” photographic medium.

Since its launch in 2008, A Shaded View on Fashion Film (ASVOFF ) has gained critical acclaim for encouraging both emerging and established artists to reconsider the way that fashion is presented and for challenging the conventional parameters of film. ASVOFF debuts in Paris during fashion week and tours the globe with subsequent screenings at prestigious institutions and events like the Barbican, the Guggenheim and Cannes Film Festival in a host of creative capitals such as New York, London, Tokyo, Milan, Moscow, Mexico City and Barcelona. ASVOFF is not only a competition of short fashion, style and beauty films but also a travelling international event showcasing feature films, documentaries, conferences, performances and installations – making it a must-see on both the fashion calendar and the film circuit. Genre-bending and groundbreaking, it has already brought together such illustrious names as Chris Cunningham, Róisín Murphy, Nick Knight, Erwin Olaf, Nobuyoshi Araki, Tilda Swinton, Steven Klein, Mike Figgis, Chloë Sevigny, Dita Von Teese, Max Vadukul, Bruce Weber and Ryan McGinley as well as Yves Saint Laurent, Gucci, Gareth Pugh, Sergio Rossi, Hussein Chalayan, Mr. Pearl, Rodarte, Givenchy, Yohji Yamamoto & Thom Browne.

ASVOFF is a festival including a film selection & competition, documentaries, features and installations. The common thread that binds this diverse program is the use of fashion, beauty and/or style as the principal subject, theme or cinematic aesthetic. The festival is a study in the drama, power and personification that fashion evokes and commands on screen.

For now it seems not possible that  fashion films to replace fashion shows because a major change like that will take quite some time.For the near future fashion film is an additional way of experiencing fashion.

This year’s winners:

Grand Prix award

Winner of the 4th ASVOFF  MK2 Grand Prix, ‘I want Muscle,’ directed by Elisha Smith-Leverock, is a film that plays with taboo and gender stereotypes. It aims to explore a different kind of female beauty, providing a glimpse into the world of Kizzy Vaines, a female bodybuilder. She is the only British competitor for the Olympia Fitness title in Las Vegas.

Best Art Direction Prize

Best Styling Prize

Beauty Prize award

Young Talent Prize

Special Animation Prize

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