9×9: Haleh Barmaki

3 Silly Questions

1. If I had to explain to a 5 year-old what I do for a living, I would say I try to see the rainbow after rain.

2. The world can’t exist without illustration  because  imagination and creativity behind illustration realize the world.

3. To my worst enemy, I would recommend to watch the movie Devil Wears Prada !! 🙂

3 Boring Questions

1. My biggest failure was not being picked to do  my  master degree in fashion design and from this failure I learnt everything has a special time! and I am happy that  GOD postponed my passion.

2. I become my most creative self when I read VOGUE and drink coffee ( Starbucks preferably) and when I am at Paris- NYC or London in my imagination! This  means that’s not important where I am physically 🙂

3. When someone looks at my work I don’t expect them to be judgmental but I’m glad if they struggle to get my point and philosophy behind my illustrations.

3 Irrelevant Questions

1. My favorite desert / song / typing font are: Pink Macarons / “ Moon River” by Audry Hepburn / Helvetica

2. What do you look for the most and what do you always run away from? I look for chicness!, minimalisim and uniqueness in everything, people are included 🙂  I run away from chaos !

3. The word ”difficult” for me does not exist.

The 9 illustrations that represent your art best are:


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