3 Silly Questions
1. If I had to explain to a 5 year-old what I do for a living, I would say I paint and draw for being happy.
2. The world can’t exist without illustration  because it is another kind of telling stories, and the world needs so many stories.
3. To my worst enemy, I would recommend to watch the movie “Godfellas”, he’ll learn a pair of interesting things about enemies.
3 Boring Questions
1. My biggest failure was to be anxious with my work, and from this failure I learnt to find a quiet point in my life for being able to see the big picture.
2. I become my most creative self when I do something free (for me , and not for any customer) and when I am at home in the early morning.
3. When someone looks at my work I don’t expect them to feel disgusting feelings  but I’m glad if they feel entertained.
3 Irrelevant Questions
1. My favorite desert / song / typing font are: coffee without sugar/ Folson Prison Blues (Johnny Cash)/ Garamond
2. What do you look for the most and what do you always run away from? I look the most the weird things of life, and I always run away form the boring normality.
3. The word ”difficult” for me means it will take more time and effort, but I’ll get it.
The 9 illustrations that represent your art best are:



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