Last week Madrid underwent an extreme art-ventful time. Having to pull up with being at 3 different art fairs and trying to attend as many exhibition openings as possible the poor art lovers’ feet must still be in pain. Fortunately enough the satisfaction  of seeing this much art at one place at the same time is quite self-rewarding. The international contemporary art fair Just Mad saw the daylight for the 3rd time and succeeded to impress the visitors with what it had to offer. This art fair focuses on discovering and promoting young and emerging artists whose art work is as different and varied as themselves. With the attendance of around 50 Spanish and 20 foreign galleries Just Mad’s 3rd edition stood up to its reputation.

In continuance you can see some of the hearttoexplain’s personal favourites.

Work of the Korean artist Kim Eunjin for the gallery Saro León  from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain


Work of the Spanish artist Alejandro Bombín, for the gallery Fernando Pradilla, Madrid, Spain


Work of the Colombian artist Antonio Fernández Alvira of the series named BE VIOLENT for the gallery Casa Cuadrada from Bogota, Colombia


Work of the Spanish artist Fernando Bayona for the gallery 6+1 Arte y Arquitectura, Madrid, Spain


Work of the Greek artist Jannis Markopoulos for the gallery Artcurator from Moscow, Russia


Work of the Portuguese artist João Vaz de Carvalho for the gallery Trema from Lisbon Portugal.


Art works part of the project La Sonrisa de la Ballesta, Madrid, Spain


Work of the Spanish Artist Manuel Antonio Domínguez part of the project THE DARK SIDE OF THE ORGANIC  for the gallery Ángeles Baños from Badajoz, Spain


Work of Spanish artist Noé Baranda for the gallery Adriana Suárez from Gijón, Spain


Work of the Spanish artist Pablo Morata for the gallery Galeria Alegria from Barcelona, Spain


Work of the artist Rafa Angulo for the gallery Casa Falconiery, Italy


One of the artists that were represented by the gallery Espacio Valverde from Madrid  was Ricardo Cavolo whose work we really like. Earlier this month we featured a short interview of this young Spanish artist in our 9X9 section.


Work of the Spanish artist Samuel Salcedo for the gallery 3 Punts from Barcelona, Spain

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