3 Silly Questions
1. If I had to explain to my grandmother what I do for a living, I would say that i’m drawing people with my Heart to give them happiness and a more colorful and bright vision of themselves!
2. The world is a bit better and prettier place with my art in it because with bigger eyes we can see more beautiful things and more nice people.
3. In order to create a great illustration I need emotions, melancholia and music!
3 Boring Questions
1. The most important thing I have learned after I started creating illustrations is to draw each day more and more in order to improve all the details and the pencil strokes in my drawings.
2. I become my most creative self when my melancholia invades me.
3. When someone looks at my work I would feel really happy if they ask themselves what my vision of them trough my eyes would be.
3 Irrelevant Questions
1. My favorite comedy / breakfast food / typing font are: The Wizard of Oz (of Victor Fleming 1932) / Carrot cake, Bagels and cream cheese with Tea / Retro 20’s Typing Font
2. If I were invisible for an hour, I would like to discover some forbidden places in the old momuments of Paris.
3.  If people have a lot of money, they should take better care of the planet.


The 9 illustrations that represent my art best are:

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