Klara Kalicz is a Hungarian fashion and costume designer. She designs for theatre, alternative theatre, contemporary dance shows, costume based performances and short films, TV films and commercials.

Kalicz in her last collection named ‘That Mystic’ has created fantastic pieces in which she has incorporated metallic multi-pieced spikes. Although we have seen spikes and studs being used as a more prominent feature in fashion, Kalicz takes on this edgy look up to a whole new level. It seems that her spikes do not only have the function of design ornaments but they are rather the base of her designs. They turn into collars, spines, belts and every time with the same function: to capture and reflect light. These outrageous and stunning pieces with their geometric metal embellishments have a prehistoric quality whilst remaining entirely contemporary.

Kalicz’s intense and sculptural pieces were meant to be used as costumes in a dance performance, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that her they were recently included in a fashion-theatre-dance performance at Hungarian contemporary theatre TRAFÓ.



And here is a video that directed by Adam Csaszi, depicts the sexuality, instincts and surrealism inherent in Klara Kalicz’s designs.

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