Designer: Mustafa Aydın

Mustafa Aydın was born in 1985, in Istanbul and studied at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, School of Textile and Fashion Design. During his education, Aydın attended several fashion design contests. He became finalist at EIB Fashion Design Contest in 2006 and at Turkish Blue Denim Design Contest in 2007.

He was awarded on three successive years for his achivements by Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University. And most importantly, he won best young designer award at ITKIB’s ‘Best Young Designer Contest’ with the collection ‘Kutsanmış’ (Blessed). His fashion style is defined by futuristic connotions, modernist forms and characteristic looks.

Where: Istanbul, Turkey

Collection: ”Daim” (Permanent)


”I wanted to present an imagery that doesn’t belong to any specific time, so to speak a timeless visuality, for me that can only be named as ”Daim” (Permanent). In broad terms, every creation belongs to the eternity, I designed this collection guided by this consciousness.”




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