Coco Dávez passionate about illustration, photography and decoration. At the very young age of 23 she has made herself a spot within the ilustration market. Two years ago she presented her blog ‘I’m not a cliché’ where she showed an imaginary world full of pintoresque characters. Colaborating with Metrópoli And Magazine, she has worked with artistic platforms such as ‘Vidas de Papel’, ‘Sketchbook’ or ‘Prendas Públicas’…
With her short but intense career she has done exhibitions in different cities such as Lisbon, Santiago Chile Or Madrid. Here you can see part of her work and know some interesting things  about this young artist.


3 Silly Questions

1. Being an illustrator is the best job in the world because… it allows you to create parallel worlds. Creating characters riddled of stories whom you may spend hours chatting endleslly, disconnecting from tenis world to travel to that utopia we all have in our mind.

2. Illustration is important because …it”s another form of expression, another way of communication And a different way of leaving a footprint in universal history.

3. The worst time of the day to create is… just after getting up because i need some time to Land Back to earth, to life, after a deep sleep. My day needs to start with a different thing, music, a nice walk, some conversation, some secret. Somethings that inspires me and encourages me to draw

3 Boring Questions

1. My biggest disappointment is…. when i can not match with accuracy what i have in mind. That drives me mad big time.

2. I can’t create unless there is…there is a good song playing

3. To be a good illustrator you need… to believe in yourself. sounds like a topic though it is that way. If you feel good drawing you are a magnificient ilustrator because you can pass on that happiness on to the drawing, and you dont need… to have an artistic career for over 50 years.

3 Irrelevant Questions

1. My favorite smart phone application: Instagram! without a doubt!

2. The World’s best place to live has been… London because, everyday was an adventure fulfilled with surprises. London and brighton represent a before and an after in my life though I am falling in love (even more) lately with Madrid

3. I could listen to the songs of… Beirut, 10 times in a row because …they have a very very special sound. Their music embraces you and drives you away

The 9 illustrations that represent my art best are:

602790_501779979845279_330448519_n (1)




31031_481580295198581_1527807993_n (1)

164041_178713082151972_3565541_n (1)


181795_190125117677435_2717943_n (1)




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