9×9 : Efekan Çelik


3 Silly Questions

1-Who or what helps you keep you sane? It depends on who/what drives me crazy 🙂
2-What scares you? The sunset. It does not exactly scares me but it makes me feel like I am late for something and I start to worry.
3-Favorite on-work snack? Pineapple, a fruit that doesn’t grow in my city.

3 Boring Questions

1-What’s your first illustration/photography memory? Me, naked on the beach when I was 4 years old.
2-What’s the secret to a good illustration? To picture subjects that have connection to my personally stories.
3-What do you do when you aren’t working? Escape to the nature which doesn’t exist.

3 Irrelevant Questions

1-Who are some of your icons, both in real life and in the worlds of film or literature? Francis Bacon, Zeus, Federico Fellini
2-What`s the best piece of advice they have ever given to you? Any words of advice for the wanna be artists?                         Listen to yourself. My piece of advice is: Observe well the connection between you and the materials and objects, species or whatever makes you passionate in this universe, and try to emphatize with them.
3-Who do you call when you are unsure of yourself? Maybe a good friend of mine.


The 9 illustrations that represent my art best are:











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