Fifty Fifty Selfie

This time a crazy photo project comes from a Barber Shop.  Sao Paulo-based art director Adrian Alarcon poses in front of the camera with a half cut beard. In each photo the shaven part of his face is covered by different elements such as figurines, pop-corn and tacks.


Fifty-Fifty-Selfie-Barber-Shop-11 Fifty-Fifty-Selfie-Barber-Shop-10 Fifty-Fifty-Selfie-Barber-Shop-9 Fifty-Fifty-Selfie-Barber-Shop-8 Fifty-Fifty-Selfie-Barber-Shop-7 Fifty-Fifty-Selfie-Barber-Shop-6 Fifty-Fifty-Selfie-Barber-Shop-5 Fifty-Fifty-Selfie-Barber-Shop-4 Fifty-Fifty-Selfie-Barber-Shop-3 Fifty-Fifty-Selfie-Barber-Shop-2

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