It’s a story about our missing parts, our alter identities that we had to abandon at the moment we were born. Dedicated to the ones that we are tied to by love and passion but in the end we fall apart. Explanations are unnecessary to this story, sometimes just a color, a glowing blue or sometimes just a melancholic gaze goes through our most inaccessible emotions. We witness a kid that is whistling to his mom that carries us away to a timeless place where all of our dreams come true. Serra Yolasığmaz invites us to her facinating world full of with cherry blossom trees, to discover ourselves.

”Memories of past turn into images and stick to our skirt. Is there anything beautiful than loving our past, facing the life, being in peace with the people and the world, and creating our own fairy tale with the images of our memories. I hope my paintings will become a bridge to their own fairy tales for the people who wants to make peace with their past and today.

All I told you above forms my start point when I sit in front of the canvas. Real space and sentimental space entangle in a very short time. From that point, I am not where I have started, I break into the canvas, I am with the painting and at the end I become the painting.”


”I don’t want to serve the mind, logic or hard facts in my paintings. I paint for our own stories and fairy tales. I don’t worry about technical or anatomic perfection at my paintings. I prefer to be in peace with life and touch everyone’s feelings about their past. Instead of putting images which pretend not to belong to the painting, I prefer to paint images which correspond with viewers’ life and make them feel deeply.”


”Human being gets thirsty and drinks water without questioning why. Painting is as natural and unconditional as getting thirsty for me. Unconditional but vital and valuable.”


”I wish my paintings will bring joy to the people who were not lucky to enjoy their childhood because they had to jump into real life very early or to the people who want to go back in time to visit their happy moments again. I believe my paintings will be appreciated by women because they are women, by men because they value women sensitivity and children because they can’t resist games and fairytales.”

Serra Yolasığmaz

Göztepe Siyak Sitesi, 41.blok D977 Libadiye İstanbul

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