In the last few years, as an inevitable consequence caused by the appeal of the video art more and more fashion brands have decided to present their fashion designs using this medium. However, only a few of them have achieved artistically to go beyond ‘making of the photo shoot’ video, and generally the final products has always been somewhat dull short motion pictures of models wearing designer clothes. The creative duo Ezel Domaniç & Özer with their project Shootmefashion seems that have gone beyond this concept and succeeded in achieving a higher cinematographic level of presenting fashion. Their aim is through the designs and their sense of style to tell a cinematographic story. In their short videos you see a bit more than just models with fancy clothes posing on a nice background music. What Ezel & Özer have been labeled as ”fashion shorts” are interesting few-minutes stories where the design and the fashion become a part of the plot. 

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