Berk Öztürk, an Istanbul based illustrator, saw the light of the day in 1987. He started drawing as a child, and later on despite his dislike for the school art concept he enrolled Marmara Fine Arts University Painting Department. He’s been drawing professionally for 3 years now, mainly illustrations for children tale books and he’s also been working as a freelance illustrator for some magazines. He depicts dark and melancholic themes. Mainly his inspiration are themes such as loneliness, depression, pessimism, death… He successfully reflects these themes by manipulating the contemporary, popular icons in people’s perception.

”Basically my life time experiences, my childhood, my obsessions, observations, 90s, horror movies and games are my inspirations and push me to draw.”

Some of Berk’s works:

Blue Orgasm


White Freedom

One Night Stand

Pacman Kiss

Darth Vader Napkin Sketch

i’m lovin’ it!

Hello Kitty!


Kurt&Amy R.I.P

Kentucky Fried Chicken

I miss you olive oyl


Edward Scissorhands

Marla Singer Suicide

Red Balloons

Mc Donalds gibisi yok


Adams Family

Goodbye Micky

Snow White’s Suicide



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