9×9 : Matt Richards

3 Silly Questions

1. If I had to explain to a 5 year-old what I do for a living, I would say I try to draw what you are thinking…

2. The world can’t exist without illustration  because everything would be visualised far too literally.

3. To my worst enemy, I would recommend to watch the movie “The Hangover”, it just did not work for me, such a great opportunity – almost skilfully wasted.

3 Boring Questions

1. My biggest failure was being afraid of failure so avoiding it and from this failure I learnt it’s good to fail, it’s the only way you can learn, improve, and push yourself.

2. I become my most creative self when I get out of the Studio! The real world is far more inspiring than the internet and I love to travel, even when I used to do it for work. I also think working under pressure also helps my art.

3. When someone looks at my work I don’t expect them to feel nauseous but I’m glad if they feel inspired?

3 Irrelevant Questions

1. My favourite desert / song / typing font are:

I am rubbish with lists, but you can have; Tiramisu (my standards are high) / I like far far too many songs to name one – I also DJ, I’ll give you the last one I listened to; “Hold On” by SBTRKT…hang on it’s just changed, now it’s Chuck Berry….. / Cooper Black always makes me smile. The old ones are the best.

2. What do you look for the most and what do you always run away from? My next commission, Spiders.

3. The word ”difficult” for me means doing something (If you are really honest to yourself) you don’t really want to do.

The 9 illustrations that represent my art best are:


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