Starting on the 20th of June, for the first time in Madrid, LIEBRE Gallery will present the work of the London based artist Will SweeneyAs a worldwide known  illustrator and director of animated videos, Will Sweeney has developed  the Captain Minds Eye project exclusively for the gallery and it consists of a series of six serigraphs that tell the story of the fictional character.

Coming from the artist’s subconscious, the captain could be the alter ego of a music producer, as well as a morning tv series caracter or a hero. In addition as part of this project, the artist has collected and exposed printed works from his own large format pencil drawings.Inspired by B movie posters, the comics of the covers  of Jamaican albums and the psychedelic rock imagery, the show as a whole is forming a fragmented narrative by apocalyptic and futuristic motifs. Most of the work is hand painted and combined with old photos, magazine clippings, and Will’s own photos.

Will Sweeney (London, 1973) graduated in 1988 from the Royal College of Art in London. As a freelance illustrator, Sweeney has worked in many jobs. That way he carried out the adventure comic strip “Tales of Greenfuzz” accompanied by vinyl toys designs. Among other projects he has worked as an illustrator for the comic The Simpsons, The Wire magazine, Undercover and Stüssy, and he also created design catalogs and shirts for the British brand Silas Streetwear. 

His work is represented internationally. In 2010, as part of the exhibition YouTube Play in the Guggenheim Museum in New York we were able to see his video “The Parachute Ending” made for the French DJ team Birdy Nam Nam,

Currently, Will Sweeney is working on projects and exhibitions of comics, combining them with their most commercial part through his own shirt label Alakazam. You can also see Will Sweeney all around the world performing live in clubs, as the guitarist of the band Zongamin.

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