For the ones who live in Istanbul or will visit the city these days we strongly recommend Barış Cihanoğlu’s 15th solo art exhibition named “Find Yourself”. This young artist’s portraits make us think about how we are connected to each other and to the society, how we are inspired by each other or how we are caught in between the world and our inner selves. The deformation that he uses in his portraits, brings out the figures in an extraordinary manner that they seem to be brought out in a systematic way influenced by other masses. These expulsions sometimes bring together two different figures from different compositions in the same line. In a sense he “similirizes”, integrates figures in the same position by refering to a partnership in destiny. While the figures are stable, the expulsion of the top parts to a certain direction symbolizes the process of integration into the system refering to their effort to escape from their own destiny.
The exhibition will take place in Gallery İlayda between October 4th and November 10th, 2013, don’t miss it!











Images courtesy of Gallery İlayda

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